Get Involved 

We are always looking for content in the following areas.







Integrity Magazine, Tv and Radio.

What information you need to get invloved in Integrity.

For Publication in the magazine please send between

150 - 350 words about yourself, brand or project including any online media links relating to the article.

Image quality needs to be 300 dpi or higher, up to 6 images and any relevant image credits.


150 - 350 words with 14 images 300 dpi in resolution or higher with images credits, including all relevant media links.

For full coverage of your event for your event please get in touch to book the integrity team covering all aspects of your events with film and media.

Integrity TV and Radio, create your own footage and submit to integrity. 

All content submitted must be relevant to the areas listed above, it must also include 150 words about each episode or playlist with one image. 

Types of footage we accept include: Events, Premiers, Backstage filmed for the cast by the cast, Fashion showcase, Short Films, Feature Films, Tutorials, Galleries, Street Talks, Rescues Charity aid or mission, Make overs, Photoshoots, Business insight, Product testing, Design plus creations, Award Ceremonies, Festivals, Music Sets, Music videos, Behind the decks, Artists Live from the studio, Interviews and Talk shows.

You can film all footage yourself and submit or REQUEST the integrity team to film for you.

Either request more information or send all content with full credits plus media links to