Bringing you exclusive footage from studios, events and we will also be live with special guests from the Creative industry.

Integrity Live is all about sincere and candid chats with individuals promoting their new products, services and designs and being frank about the things that they really want to talk about.




 The difference is we will talk about topics, that most media outlets shy away from.


Live with Integrity is all the best bits uncut and available live from the Integrity Magazine Facebook page. Tune in to watch the live interviews.  



Hot off the runway, Designers latest collections. We will be  live from within the audience including back stage access. There will be interviews with models, designers, mua's and the creative team involved in all of the production of the shows.


We will be having a Live chat with the selected model of the month with a first hand look at the Integrity Model of the month photo shoot.


Introductions to all the creative people in their creative spaces. We will feature an inside look at what they do best, along with industry tips plus game changing advice.



Live from Film premiers, after parties and exclusive chats with Directors, Actors Writers and casting directors. 


Film Festival coverage from across the world, street interviews with hopefuls, inside prime events during the festival.


New Film Release trailer exclusive and 'Jolly Good Chat' with the cast.   


Live in the studio with artists from across the world, we will first have a 'Jolly Good Chat' with the artist before hearing their latest track live.


We will have exclusive coverage of various events live from backstage. We will also be joining the audience and getting out and about, gaining insight into the best and worst bits.


Sneak preview in the back door of music videos and performances.



What does it really take to be a success in business? We will be talking with successful business owners about what it takes to be a success. Talking about the right road to take.


Established brands, their new product releases, Why this product works and where did the idea generate from and why it works.


'Jolly Good Chat' with published authors, screen writers and publicists. 


New business launches, the opening of new shops and pop up markets.


Restaurant reviews. The menus scrutinised, some tasting experiences  and talking ingredients and cooking methods with the chef.  



'Get the Look' Online makeup tutorials and advice.

Hair techniques, trade secrets and new product testing.

The full works a total makeover live with integrity, from start to finish. There will be styling tips, confidence building and most of all, we will be making you fall back in love with yourself. 


New treatment insights. The world of technology is forever expanding, moving it to some new and very different areas that will hopefully assist in trying to help you stay young looking. We will test all the new ideas and fads and talk about them. We will be here to let the public know if we believe that they really work.



Live look at artists in creation, talking with them about inspiration, ideas.


Street art anonymous, what it takes to be a Graffiti artist. Where do these ideas come from?


Talking with Gurus, health advisers and fanatics of fitness.


Athletes and Sporting history's greatest,  what it takes, the regime and what current projects plus predictions.


Comedy Live from home with comedians  from all different backgrounds available live and on Integrity Radio for your entertainment.


Events coverage and gallery exclusives, including as many opening nights as possible.


Re-homing Section, working with local charities to re-home Dogs and cats. 


Talk with Charity Heroes dedicated to improving animal welfare.


Fact and fiction talks with protesters and volunteers about what really goes on behind closed doors.


Inside the shelters working on hand to raise donations and awareness.  

Dog & Cat Pals